GE Refrigerator Leaking Water on the Floor - How to Clean a Drain Line

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A huge problem that you could experience is your GE refrigerator leaking water on the floor. This trick works for most refrigerators leaking water inside the cabinet, as its usually caused by an ice build-up or obstruction in the drain line. If you suspect that your GE refrigerator is leaking from the bottom, then this video will help you.

In the video, I show you how to remove the evaporator panel cover on a GE refrigerator, what parts you're likely to see such as the evaporator coils and defrost heater, then show you how to clean a refrigerator drain line out. This is a cheap, easy fix that can save you a HUGE amount of money on a service call, and save a lot of headaches for the cost of some plastic hose and a soda bottle.

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